Expectant Mothers

The time to start thinking about your child’s health care is while he or she is still in the womb. Do not wait to make a decision about your child’s pediatrician until after birth. Instead, make an appointment to visit with Dr. Barroso during your pregnancy. We believe that you should feel comfortable with your child’s pediatrician, and also that you should only select an experienced, well-qualified physician whom you trust with the care of your newborn.

During your prenatal consultation, Dr. Barroso will show you the office and the separate sick and wellchild waiting areas, as well as answer all of your questions about pediatric care. Dr. Barroso will also explain what you should expect at each pediatric visit. You will also have an opportunity to meet our friendly staff members and learn about our office policies.

If you choose Dr. Barroso to care for your newborn, pediatric visits will begin as she comes to visit your newborn in the hospital.

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